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The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is 'Unknown'. The expected

Solution:Reinstall Reporting Service

Step 1: Backup your files and remove RS entirely.
If RS cannot be removed successfully, perform the following steps:

1. Re-run the setup.exe of Reporting Services that you had installed on
the machine before. Once this setup routine started it will detect the
existing installation and gave you an option to remove it.

2. If the issue still exists, run MSI installer clean up tool to uninstall
Reporting Services:

a. Please download the MSI installer clean up tool from the following web

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

b. Double click msicuu2.exe. Follow the wizard's instructions to install
the tool.
c. Launch the tool.
d. At the tool's UI, select "SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services" from the
product name listbox.
e. Click the "Remove" button and note the results.

Note: make sure that you only select "SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services"

Step 2: Reinstalling RS

Use the graphical setup wizard to install RS. If you use the command prompt
utility to install, you must provide information for each required
parameter. For example, you must specify the RSDATABASESERVER parameter.


1. For Standard Edition, the instance of SQL Server must be local. Check
your RS version to make sure it isn't Standard Edition.

2. Use the [/l*v log_file] parameter to specifies the name and path to a
verbose log file containing all Windows Installer log options. If you do
not specify this argument, no log file is created.

After installing, refer to the "Verifying an Installation of Reporting
Services" topic in BOL to verify RS is installed successfully.

If it cannot be installed successfully, check the verbose log file to find
related errors.

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